Delivering our promises: a summary guide

We understand, the Annual Performance Report is a long read and many of our customers don’t have the time to read it all. Which is why we have created this short video that gives you a summary of the successes we have achieved, the targets we have missed and how we are going to improve service in the future.

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In order to understand what people wanted from their water service provider, we spoke to thousands of people across the North West when drawing up our plans for the 2015-2020 period.

Our five customer promises are the result of this huge consultation and represents the priorities our customers and stakeholders told us mattered most to them.

In order that people can see whether we are fulfilling our promises, we have a number of targets that we must work towards each year. Like all water companies, we earn rewards, or pay penalties, if we meet or fail to meet these targets. All penalties and rewards are set by the regulator, Ofwat.

This year, we met or exceeded 18 out of 22 of our measures, including achieving our best ever Ofwat customer satisfaction score. We retained our industry-leading four-star company performance in the Environment Agency's annual performance assessment (2016).

We know, however, that there are areas where we need to improve, particularly where we missed targets such as sewer flooding. We understand the upset and inconvenience that sewer flooding causes to customers and local communities and as a consequence of missing our target in this area, we received a penalty. We have put plans in place to help improve our performance for years to come.

2016 - 2017 Annual performance report summary graphic


We review the information we provide to customers with the YourVoice panel, whose role is to monitor our progress against our 2015-2020 business plan commitments. YourVoice has a direct input to our performance reports and presents its findings to our board. To read YourVoice's reflections on the year YourVoice reflections (PDF 109KB opens in a new tab)

If you want to compare our performance against other water companies in England and Wales visit the Discover Water website.

We consult and publish details of our governance process and assurance plan to give customers confidence in the information we publish. Information on this can be found in our Assurance Reports.

If you would however like a summary of the report please download our interactive guide here (PDF 1.76 MB opens in a new tab) and click through a summary of the work we have achieved.

To read the full Anuual Performance Report click here (PDF 4.48 MB opens in a new tab)