Your induction

Learning and Development Business Partner, Mel, tells us a bit more about her role, and what you can expect from your induction into any of our customer-facing roles.

What does a typical induction programme contain, Mel ?

Well it depends on the area of the business you are working in. If you work in our front office area, i.e. taking calls from customers, you will initially complete a three week induction programme, with further up skill training available as you progress. If you work in our Collections or Back Office Departments, you will complete a four week programme. Each programme is made up of a series of modules covering different aspects of the required knowledge and skills for the business area, and it consists of a combination of system and process classroom-based training including practical elements. We work with our business knowledge experts to support the process training.

In addition there are a number of soft skills training modules incorporated (for example call handling) to compliment the program and to support Customer Advisors to prepare them for their role. At the end of each module, you will complete a short knowledge checker to ensure you've remembered what was covered and that you fully understood it. We find that this helps new starters to take what they have learnt on board and identify where they need more help. We also include an opportunity to break out into the business area to get to know the new teams and experience the working environment first hand.

Team managers are involved from day one of training, they help and support our new starters and hold one to one meetings to discuss progress and any further development.

Our induction experience will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to get you started. During the weeks that follow induction, when you join your team, you will put the basics you learnt during training into practice to develop and grow your skills.

To make it easy for everyone, induction courses are scheduled either during the day, or of an evening in line with your proposed working pattern.

What support is available during and after the Induction programme?

Quite a lot really – in some of the business areas we provide one to one coaching and side by side individual support usually for up to four weeks after completing initial induction training. We find that this really does build confidence and helps to embed the training.

In other business areas we have a buddy system, so in the early days, if you have a query or need any help, you simply speak to your buddy.

We also build into the program a number of recap sessions to revisit any modules that the group or individuals need further support with. This helps to bring all of the training modules together and supports learning.

What training facilities are available?

We have recently refurbished our training facilities, and all of the training materials have been refreshed to give them a new look and feel. Every new starter will take away a full set of guidance notes to refer to in the early days in their teams.

Can you tell us a bit more about the team of trainers?

They all have a wide-range of experience from different industries and backgrounds. There is a mix of internally and externally-recruited trainers, so we have infused business knowledge with training expertise from outside of the company. This combination has helped create the training packages we see today and we work on a 'continuous improvement' basis. That means that we are always looking to improve our material and training delivery methods. The trainers share their experiences with others so we can present the best possible training experience to our trainees. 

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