Water Resources Management Plan

Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) sets out the investment needed to ensure that we have sufficient water to continue supplying our customers for the years ahead.

In the future, we may experience ever more severe droughts due to changing rainfall patterns and we may need to take less water to help improve the flow in some of our rivers for the benefit of fish and other species that live there.

Our current plan, published in September 2009, covers our approach to manage these issues for the years 2010-2035. This can be found, along with its associated supporting documents, below.

We have been developing a new draft Water Resources Management Plan, which will cover the years 2015-2040. You can find our draft plan, along with an overview document, executive summary and other supporting documents here.

This draft plan was available for public consultation until 6 August 2013. We are now considering your responses carefully and will provide our Statement of Response to Defra by 12 November.

Our current Water Resources Management Plan (September 2009):

There are 7 documents available to download:

All water companies are required to produce an Annual Review of the Water Resources Management Plan to ensure the plan remains fit for purpose. The United Utilities review for 2012-13 is available here.

Drought Plan

Droughts are natural events caused by a serious lack of rain over several months. Around once every twenty years there will be a drought serious enough to need a hosepipe ban in the North West. Our Drought Plan sets out the actions we will take to protect water supplies should a severe drought occur.

On 13 June 2013 United Utilities published an updated drought plan, incorporating the 2010 drought experiences and new powers for water use restrictions created by legislative changes in 2010. Following discussions with Defra about actions required to protect the River Ehen Special Area of Conservation, we updated our June 2013 plan to produce a Draft Drought Plan 2014 which now includes drought options for Ennerdale Water in West Cumbria, together with revised drought triggers for this source. There are no other substantive changes. The Draft Drought Plan 2014 was available for public consultation from 13 January 2014 to 17 February 2014 and we received 22 representations. Each representation has been considered and a Statement of Response published which sets out each issue raised and how we have addressed it. We have also submitted a Revised Draft Drought Plan to Defra incorporating changes resulting from the representations – following direction from the Secretary of State, a Final Drought Plan will be published and made available on this website.

No information has been excluded from the drought plan on the grounds that it would be contrary to the interests of national security. Drought plans are fully reviewed, and publicly consulted on, every 3 and a half years, unless there is a material change in circumstances warranting an earlier review.

You can read a copy of our Revised Draft Drought Plan 2014 and the Statement of Response here. The following documents are available to download:

For reference, the following documents relating to our current drought plan (published on 13 June 2013) are also available to download: