Water resources

Annual Water Resources Review

All water companies are required to produce an Annual Review of the Water Resources Management Plan to ensure the plan remains fit for purpose. In this Annual Review we update on our water resource activities for 2015/16, as measured against our 2015 Water Resources Management Plan. We have included a forward look at water resources activities in the coming years that will help us to deliver our current plan. We also update on the development of our future 2019 Water Resources Management Plan and our draft Drought Plan 2016. Our Annual Water Resources Review for 2015/16 is available here:

Water Resources Management Plan

Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) sets out the investment needed to ensure that we have sufficient water to continue supplying our customers for the years ahead.

In the future, we may experience more severe droughts due to changing rainfall patterns and we may need to take less water to help improve the flow in some of our rivers for the benefit of fish and other species that live there.

Our current plan, published in March 2015, covers our approach to manage these issues for the years 2015-2040. This can be found, along with its associated supporting documents, below. The plan details how we will address a forecast supply-demand deficit in West Cumbria, and specific updates on the West Cumbria water supply project (Thirlmere transfer scheme) may be found here.

Our current Water Resources Management Plan (March 2015):

There are both summary and main versions of the Water Resources Management Plan:

The plan has been subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) processes. The SEA Post Adoption Statement describes the way we have taken account of environmental issues and comments from consultees in the adopted plan. This also references the specific detailed reports produced, which are available below:

We completed extensive consultation in developing the Water Resources Management Plan. The Statement of Response describes the responses that were received during the consultation period, and explains how we have taken them into account in revising our plan.

No information in the Water Resources Management Plan has been excluded on the grounds of national security.