Stakeholder performance 2015

The table below details how we are performing against our stakeholder and supply chain measures and targets. This demonstrates progress against our Business Principle commitment to deliver good value to our stakeholders and manage our supply chain fairly.

Business Principle Commitment Measure Targets for 2015 2014/2015 Performance
Ensure that we operate as efficiently as possible whilst protecting long term value - the lowest sustainable cost Financing outperformance Total financing outperformance over the 2010-15 period of at least £300m


Operating Expenditure outperformance Total opex outperformance over the 2010-15 period of at least £50m


Capital expenditure outperformance To meet Ofwat's revised capital expenditure allowance for the 2010-15 period

reinvested over £200m of outperformance

Maintain high ethical standards of business conduct and corporate governance and expect the same high standards of our supply chain Value of supplier spend signed up to our sustainable supply chain charter

75% of spend


Compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code

Maintain compliance

We complied fully with the principles and spirit of the code during the year

Retain a robust and sustainable financial profile to provide enduring shareholder value

Credit rating

A3 (Moody’s) UUW

A3 (current)

Treat all investors fairly whilst providing true and timely disclosures

Investor interaction and event calendar

Deliver to calendar commitments / approval of key announcements via senior governance review process

end of calendar year 2014)

Ensure that our selection of safe goods, services, suppliers, contractors and partners takes into account our approach to responsible business

Supplier Relationship Management score



RAG Performance - Red, Amber, Green

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