Treating water and delivering it to our customers

image - the West-East Pipeline being constructedOnce we have collected the raw water we need to clean it and treat it at one of our 96 water treatment works.

Then each day we release about 2,000 million litres of clean, treated water through our network of supply pipes, to our customers doors all across the North West.

This network mixes fantastic pieces of engineering from our Victorian ancestors which still work well to this day and new multi million pound pipelines using the latest engineering techniques.

Take the historic Vyrnwy Aqueduct which is a water pipeline running 68 miles from Lake Vyrnwy in Wales to Prescot Water Treatment Works. Thousands of families in Merseyside rely on it every day to provide them with water.

image -  a piece of the pipe at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

It was built in 1938, as an addition to the original Mersey pipe tunnel, built back in 1881.

Move forward to modern times and like the aqueducts built by our Victorian ancestors, we have just completed a project of enormous scale and ambition called the West-East Pipeline, which will be our legacy to the region for years to come.

This new pipeline carries water right across the North West from Prescot Reservoir in Merseyside to Woodgate Hill Reservoir in Bury. It’s capable of carrying up to 100 million litres of water a day and will help us manage water across the region in times of scarcity. There’s a piece of the pipe at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).


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