This area is focused on providing goods and services to United Utilities' reservoirs, water and wastewater treatment works. These are used for operating and maintaining the works and the main areas of spend are set out below.


The supply of chemicals is an essential element in our water and wastewater treatment processes. Significant purchases include:

  • Bulk treatment chemicals such as liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, coagulants and flocculants
  • Laboratory chemicals used for analysis and testing the quality of our water and wastewater at key stages of the treatment process

Mechanical & Electrical

This category deals with the operation and maintenance of goods that were initially purchased through our capital programmes. This area looks after items such as consumables, replacement and refurbishment of pumps, motors and screening equipment.

Environmental Services

This category tends to focus on our water and wastewater sites and includes spend on:

  • Sanitation and cleaning services
  • Waste disposal including sludge tankering, skips and recycling activities
  • Industrial cleaning equipment

Water Services

This category incorporates our spend on site services across our water and wastewater operational asset base, including operational site building repairs and maintenance.


This category is responsible for ensuring that our kit equipment (key materials and products) are delivered in a timely manner to our Tier 1 partners and contractors as well as spare parts for use on our own site. Key suppliers deliver in bulk to a central warehouse which is then distributed to sites and job locations across the North West.

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