Part C

The list below details the specific chapters of Part C. The hyperlinks will take you into the body of each document.

  • C1 - Consumer's Views (1.9mb)
    In our Strategic Direction Statement, we set out the challenges we face over the next 25 years. The 'Consumers' Views' chapter supports the Strategic Direction Statement by describing how we have gained in-depth insight into customers’ views and have used this as a basis of our Final Business Plan submission.
  • C1 - Appendices - Willingness to Pay (4.1mb)
    See description for chapter C1 above.
  • C2 - Cost base, Benchmarking and Efficiency Studies
    Chapter not in the public domain.
  • C2 - Appendices - Cost Breakdown Structure
    Document not in the public domain.
  • C3 - Asset Inventory (8.8mb)
    This chapter provides details of our stock of assets (i.e., what we own), their condition, plus the gross and net Modern Equivalent Asset Values for our asset inventory as at 31 March 2008.
  • C4 - Supply Demand Appraisal (1.0mb)
    Our plan for maintaining the supply/demand balance for water and sewerage services are presented in chapter B5 'Maintaining the Supply/Demand Balance'. This chapter contains supplementary information which adds weight to supply/demand plan and expenditure requirements.
  • C4 - Appendices - Wastewater Supply / Demand Management Plan (7.0mb)
    See description for chapter C4 above.
  • C5 - Proposed Work Programmes and Expenditure Projections - The PR09 Projects Database (1.3mb)
    This chapter provides an overview of how we developed the capital expenditure forecasts for our Final Business Plan. It also includes details of the changes in obligations that have occurred since the PR04 Final Determination.
  • C6 - Sewer Flooding (2.3mb)
    This chapter sets out our overall approach to sewer flooding.
  • C7 - Tariffs and Revenue Forecast Supporting Information (0.6mb)
    This chapter sets out the implications of our business plan in terms of price limits and sources of finance.
  • C7 - Appendices - Void Property Management Strategy
    Document not in the public domain.
  • C8 - Cost Benefit Analysis and Carbon Accounting (4.8mb)
    This chapter covers supplementary information on our justification for proposed investment. 
  • C8 - Appendices - CBA (1.4mb)
    See description for chapter C8 above. 
  • C9 - Financial Modelling Datasets
    Chapter not in the public domain.
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