Part B

The list below details the specific chapters of Part B. The hyperlinks will take you into the body of each document.

  • B1 - The post 2010 Environment and the Longer Term (1.8mb)
    Covers United Utilities Water’s achievements to date and looks to future challenges and opportunities.
  • B2 - Improving Efficiency (0.7mb)
    Discusses our efficiency plan, and how our efficiency targets should be set at PR09.
  • B3 - Maintaining Service and Serviceability to Customers (4.6mb)
    Sets out our plan for maintaining water and sewerage services to our customers. It also explains our future service targets and the expenditure needed (through cost-effective maintenance activities) to meet these targets.
  • B3 - Asset Management Plan Assessment Process for Reporter (0.4mb)
    See description for chapter B3 above.
  • B3 - Section 3 Water Business Cases (7.8mb)
    See description for chapter B3 above.
  • B3 - Section 7 Wastewater Business Cases (8.6mb)
    See description for chapter B3 above.
  • B3 - Asset Management Plan Assessment Process Tool
    Document not in the public domain.
  • B4 - Quality Enhancements (9.9mb)
    Covering our Water and Wastewater Service Quality Enhancements Programme, this sets out how we intend to meet our statutory obligations, taking into account benefits for customers and the environment, whilst also considering the impact of our activities on customer charges.
  • B4 - Appendices
    Document not in the public domain.
  • B5 - Maintaining the Supply / Demand Balance (2.5mb)
    Covers our water service and sewerage service supply/demand programme, setting out how we intend to maintain customer reliability and service standards whilst minimising environmental impact, minimising customer charges and adapting to the challenge of climate change.
  • B6 - Consumer Service Strategy and Changes in Service (4.1mb)
    Describes our programme to deliver an improved customer service.
  • B7 - Financial Projections (1.6mb)
    Sets out the implications of our Final Business Plan in terms of price limits and finance sources.
  • B8 - Customer Bills / Tariffs (0.9mb)
    Covers our revenue projections and sets out how we intend to develop tariffs over the next five years.
  • B9 - Overlap Programme (0.6mb)
    Details our overlap programme for water and wastewater service enhancements so as to meet our statutory obligations, which we have scheduled to start in Asset Management Plan 5 and complete in Asset Management Plan 6.
  • B10 - Large Projects
    No large projects were submitted in the Final Business Plan.
  • B11 - Capital Expenditure Incentive Scheme (0.7mb)
    Addresses the impact of the recession on both our Final Business Plan and our Asset Management Plan 5; describes the changes in investment between the Draft Business Plan and Final Business Plan.
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