Part A

This page sets out the specific chapters of Part A. It covers the following sections:

  • A1 - 'Planning for the Future' at a glance
    ‘Planning for the future’ summarises our five year plan and sets out how we fulfil the aims made in our Strategic Direction Statement, which we published in December 2007. The Strategic Direction Statement mapped out the long-term vision for our business over the next 25 years.
  • A2 - Views and influences
    How we have used customer feedback to help shape our Final Business Plan.
  • A3 – Stewardship
    Describes how our long-term stewardship of our assets is vital for us to deliver reliable and affordable services.
  • A4 - Enhancing our water service
    Summarises how our Strategic Direction Statement sets out plans for more sustainable, high quality and premium-value water resources. This is reflected in one of our long-term aims to persuade our customers that they needn't buy bottled water because our water is better in terms of quality and value.
  • A5 - Enhancing our wastewater service
    Sets out how our wastewater plans will further improve the North West's environment and give us a more sustainable approach to flood risk management.
  • A6 - Carbon mitigation and sustainability
    States how our Strategic Direction Statement set a major target of halving our greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.
  • A7 - Assessing costs and benefits
    Describes a principal aim of the Final Business Plan - that of gaining a thorough understanding of our customers’ priorities and our stakeholders' views.
  • A8 - Financing the plan
    Sets out how we are financing the Final Business Plan - particularly with regard to implications for bills and investors.
  • A9 - What happens next
    Demonstrates how we are publishing the Final Business Plan as part of the five-year review of our price limits.
  • A10 – Tables
    Tables associated with the content of A1 to A9.
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