Our revised Business Plan for 2015-2020

Over the next five years, we’ll be delivering an ambitious programme of investment which will support the regions’ growth.

Our 2015-2020 business plan is the result of thousands of conversations with our customers, detailed consultations with our water regulator, Ofwat and scrutiny by an independent panel of North West residents.

It will see us create jobs and training opportunities; help our most hard-pressed customers pay their bills; protect and enhance our environment; support tourism and economic growth; and improve network reliability

We have always been as much about people as we are about pipes, and we will continue to listen to our customers as we deliver our plans.

We look forward to working with you as we continue to keep the North West flowing in the years to come

Final determination now accepted

Our revised plan was considered by Ofwat, which published its final determination for water companies in England and Wales in December 2014.

On 27th January 2015 we announced that we had accepted Ofwat's final determination.

You can find out more detail about what our plans are here.

Thanks for your help!

If you are one of the thousands of customers who have helped to shape our plans by giving us your views over the past three years, an especially big thanks to you!

We are also grateful to the members of the Customer Challenge Group (CCG) for working so closely with us as we have developed our proposals. Below is a message from the CCG chair.

Our business plan for 2015-2020 was sent to Ofwat, the water industry’s regulator, and in December 2014 Ofwat published its final determination for all water companies in England and Wales. On 27th January 2015 we announced that we had accepted Ofwat's final determination.

“Since early 2012 the CCG has scrutinised and challenged United Utilities’ approach to customer and stakeholder engagement to inform the development of the company’s business plan. It has been an informative journey and our regular meetings have provided an opportunity for constructive debate and challenge from all parties.

Throughout the process the CCG has looked for United Utilities to strike the right balance between efficiency and investment and between the needs of customers and stakeholders.

We have welcomed the hard work United Utilities has put into engaging on many different levels to get a sound understanding of views and opinions.

Most importantly its business plan reflects customer priorities and will result in bills that are affordable to the  majority.

I would like to record my thanks to the members of the CCG and to the staff of United Utilities for their efforts to ensure that the voice of customers has been heard.”

Andrea Cook, Chair of CCG

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