Assuring our performance 2016-17

Front cover of risk statement 2016-17We seek to be transparent about the assurance activities that we put in place, to both provide accurate data and also to demonstrate that we are listening to customers and reflecting their feedback in our plans and our publications.

To support this objective and to continually improve our annual performance reporting, we've established an annual review and consultation cycle.

The first step in the cycle for this current year is the publication of our statement of risks, strengths and weaknesses and draft assurance plan 2016/17 which sets out:

  • How our governance and assurance framework is designed to ensure that our reporting fully meets our stakeholders’ expectations
  • How stakeholder feedback was used to influence the development of our 2015/16 Annual Performance Report publications and will be used to further improve the 2016/17 report
  • A number of targeted areas that have been identified through the risk assessment and consultation process, where we think specific focus is warranted
  • An overview of the assurance that will be provided to support the 2016/17 report, including more specific details of the actions being taken to manage or mitigate the risks affecting the targeted areas; and
  • A summary of the next steps in the annual reporting cycle and how you can provide your views or feedback on these proposals.
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