Assuring our performance 2015-16

As part of our work to deliver our business plan for 2015-2020, we seek to reassure customers and stakeholders that we are being transparent and open, and continuing to take on board feedback as we deliver those plans.

Each year, before submitting our Annual Performance Report to our regulator, Ofwat, we prepare a statement of risks, strengths and weaknesses which sets out how we are responding to the requirements of Ofwat’s company monitoring framework.

The statement formed the foundation of our draft assurance plan, in advance of the final plan and of the publication of the Annual Performance Report for 2015-16.

Following consultation on the draft plan, we published our final assurance plan 2016 reflecting the issues that stakeholders felt were the most important.

Our final plan for 2016 shows:

  • How our regulatory reporting assurance framework is designed to ensure that our reporting meets customer and stakeholders’ expectations and exceeds Ofwat’s requirements; and what our stakeholders have said about our approach
  • Our assessment of the risks, strengths and weaknesses affecting our 2015-16 reporting and stakeholders’ feedback on the risk, strengths and weaknesses we’ve identified and how we aim to mitigate such risks.
  • The key areas that stakeholders have told us are most important and any specific aspects they would like us to report against.
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