Our future plans

Water is vital for our everyday lives and from making a brew to flushing the loo, most of us never give a moment’s thought to where our water comes from or where it goes when it disappears down the plughole – and that’s just the way it should be.

Most of the time, our customers don’t even notice we’re there. But behind the scenes, we’re working all year throughout the day and night to make sure that the taps flow and loos flush.

It's important whilst we're helping life flow smoothly every day, that we also plan for the future too. So we've been listening to our customers and stakeholders across the North West to find out what they want from their water and wastewater service.

We enjoyed speaking to thousands of people across the North West and they've helped us to develop our future plans based on what’s important to them; understanding what services they value the most and what they would like us to focus on for the next five years and after that.

Some of the challenges we’ll be facing along the way are climate change, and how that impacts on what we do to ensure a sustainable supply; new environmental legislation; social and economic pressures which affect what our customers can afford and the evolving regulation of the industry, such as greater competition.

After this consultation with our customers, we published our 25-year strategy and submitted the original version of our five-year business plan to the water industry regulator, Ofwat, in December 2013.

The following year, in December 2014, after further challenges and efficiencies had been made, Ofwat published the results of its 2014 price review for all water companies in England and Wales.

On 27th January 2015 we announced that we had accepted Ofwat's final determination.

Customer Challenge Group (CCG)

Our customer challenge group(CCG) has been active all the way through the planning process to help shape our consultation process with customer and stakeholders, helping us to ensure that the 5-year business plan reflects the views and preferences of all customer groups across our region.

In future this group will be refreshed with a new remit and a new name – YourVoice – as it morphs into a panel that will continue to challenge us in how we deliver our plans, to ensure we get the best results for our customers.

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