Notice of retail exit application

From April 2017, the non-household water and sewerage retail market will be open to competition. This means that every non-household customer in England will be able to choose their water supplier. This supplier will do things like send bills to customers and read customers’ meters. The regional water companies will still look after the pipes and treatment works in their area; and United Utilities will continue to do this throughout the north west.
United Utilities has decided that the best way to meet the needs of customers in the new competitive market is to team up with Severn Trent to create a new company, Water Plus. Water Plus is a specialist non-household water and sewerage retailer.  United Utilities has applied to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to transfer responsibilities for providing non-household retail services to Water Plus. This means that from April 2017, United Utilities Water will not provide retail services to non-household customers in the north-west and the responsibility will pass to Water Plus. More details about Water Plus can be found on their website.
All United Utilities’ non-household customers will be automatically transferred to Water Plus on 3 April 2017, and will then be free to choose their retailer.
If you are a household customer, then this transfer will not affect you in any way and you will continue to receive services from United Utilities.
To be able to transfer the non-household responsibilities we are required to publish a legal notice of our intention to transfer customers on our website. You can find this below.

United Utilities Water Limited - Notice of Retail Exit Application

Pursuant to Regulation 9 of the Water and Sewerage Undertakers (Exit from Non-household Retail Market) Regulations 2016, notice is given that on 14 October 2016 United Utilities Water Limited made an application to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to exit the non-household retail market. The application provides for United Utilities Water Limited to transfer its responsibilities for non-household retail activity to United Utilities Water Sales Ltd (a subsidiary of Water Plus Limited and trading as “Water Plus”) of Severn Trent Centre, 2 St Johns Street, Coventry, CV1 2LZ. The exit will  take place on 3 April 2017  to coincide with the opening of the non-household retail market.



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