Environment performance 2015

The table below details how we are performing against our environmental measures and targets. This demonstrates progress against our Business Principle to work to protect and enhance the environment.

Business Principle Commitment Measure Targets for 2015 2014/2015 Performance
Manage water resources sustainably and promote water saving Security of Supply Index 100


Total leakage 463 Ml/d


Per household consumption in all households 297 litres per property per day

305 litres

Act to prevent pollution from our operations and inform our customers on the responsible disposal of waste to our sewers Pollution incidents - Ww Cat 1&2 <1.5 incidents per 10,000km

0.45 (end of calendar year 2014)

Pollution incidents - Ww Cat 1,2 & 3 <50 incidents per 10,000km

48.6 (end of calendar year 2014)

Pollution incidents - Water Cat 1, 2 & 3 <0.5 incidents per 10,000km

4.22 (end of calendar year 2014) no category 1 or 2 incidents, unfortunately 18 category 3

Sewage Treatment Works % compliance 99%

98.3% (end of calendar year 2014) based on 6 failing works

Internal flooding Target is calculated annually using a baseline level of flooding + any incidents of severe weather


Protect and enhance the natural environment Net gain in the natural environment No net loss in biodiversity across all capital schemes


Reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling to maximise the value obtained from wastes % waste diverted from landfill 95% of all waste arisings (from operational and construction activities) diverted from landfill


Consider the impacts of climate change on the services we deliver and adapt our business accordingly so we can continue to supply those services to all our customers Covered by other measures (Security Of Supply Index, Internal flooding) Covered by other measures (Security Of Supply Index, Internal flooding)

See Security of Supply Index and Internal flooding above

Implement our carbon management plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions Reduction in carbon footprint (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) 21% reduction on 2005/6 baseline

19% Total footprint was 473,708 tCO2e

Renewable energy generation from sludge processing and incineration (GWh) 125 GWh


RAG Performance - Red, Amber, Green

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