The environment

Environmental performance

imageWe're committed to protecting and enhancing the environment and we've worked with the Environment Agency to target and improve our environmental performance in all areas.

We’re proud that we're one of only three companies in 2015 to have achieved a four star rating in the Environment Agency’s Environmental Performance Assessment - the highest rating that the Environment Agency awards.  

Read in more detail about how we're performing against our environmental measures and targets

Protecting rivers

imageWe have a role in not just keeping rivers clean, but in also making them better each year and we work closely with the Environment Agency, and Rivers Trust, to carry out this work.  

Between 2015 to 2020 we'll be completing a number of major projects which will help to improve over 300km of rivers in our region.

Keeping beaches free from sewage

imageWater at beaches and lakes officially designated for people to swim in has to meet tight quality and safety standards. A great example of our working with other stakeholders is the bathing water improvements we've seen through our partnerships with the Turning Tides and LOVEmyBEACH campaigns.

In 2016 all the bathing waters in the North West achieved their expected standards despite a forecast in 2012, that less than 50 per cent would do so. 

Find out more about bathing waters along our coast and the work we're doing with our partners.

Energy & emissions 

image Over the last 11 years. our overall carbon emissions  have fluctuated but the trend has been downwards. In 2015/2016, our carbon footprint totalled 454,857 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, 22 per cent below our 2005/2006 baseline.

Find out more how we’re reducing our greenhouse gases and generating more renewable energy

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