Current consultations

Over the next five years, we’ll be delivering an ambitious programme of investment which will support the region’s growth. Our 2015-2020 business plan is the result of thousands of conversations with our customers, detailed consultations with our water regulator, Ofwat and scrutiny by an independent panel of North West residents.

As part of letting you know how we’re delivering against our 2015-20 business plan, we're now consulting on how we will share our performance reports.

The consultation for customers and stakeholders on our statement of risks, strengths and weaknesses 2015/16 for our 2015-20 reporting will be led by our independent customer group, YourVoice and you can read the statement here and find out how you can send us your feedback here.

Seeking your views - our consultation on performance reporting

Our YourVoice panel plays an integral part in monitoring, challenging and reporting on the delivery of our 2015-20 business plan commitments to customers and stakeholders as agreed with the water regulator, Ofwat. The panel also looks at how we can continue to capture and strengthen the views of customers in our activities.

Andrea Cook, Chair of YourVoice, said: “Myself and my YourVoice panel colleagues are committed to our role as customer representatives, being fully independent from UU and impartial in our views.

“We’ll be examining the proposed approach to the assurance of UU’s annual performance reporting very closely, to make sure that the final plans reflect both our own, but also wider customer and stakeholder feedback. We want to ensure everyone in the North West can have confidence in the progress that United Utilities is making against its promises to the communities it serves about the water and wastewater service it provides. I’d like to take this opportunity to urge customers and stakeholders to send feedback on this proposal and the panel will ensure your views are heard. We will do all we can to ensure we are your voice.”

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