Decorative image - Thirlmere ReservoirFrom Thirlmere to West Cumbria

We'll be using Thirlmere as the new source to supply drinking water for homes and businesses in West Cumbria.

The water will then be transferred along 30km of new pipelines to a new water treatment works just off the A595 near Redmain. The overview map (PDF 90KB opens in new window) illustrates all elements of the West Cumbria Water Supplies project.

We've taken great care during our planning and design of the pipeline to avoid the hilly terrain, environmentally designated sites, archaeological sites and urban areas.

The route will have twin pipelines which will be constructed to make the most of gravity and utilise the natural contours of the land, allowing the water to travel easily along the pipes without the need for pumps.

The majority of the 30km pipeline will be constructed across agricultural land.  We're aiming to carry out a large proportion of our work in the fields during the spring and summer period to help reduce the impact on the grassland.

There are several points on the pipeline route where we'll be tunnelling under rivers or key road crossings.  We'll also be carrying out any sections of work in the road during the winter months when they are usually quieter - so there's as little impact on road users as possible.

Further details about the overall schedule for the entire West Cumbria Water Supplies Project are illustrated in the timeline.   

Our season one pipe laying construction took place between June and October 2017, with an element of work to lay pipes in a section of the A591 during the quieter traffic period also completed.  We're now constructing access points in a number of locations which will then allow the river crossing elements of work to take place.