Running our business with integrity

We aim to maintain high ethical standards of business conduct and corporate governance, and expect the same high standards of our supply chain.

We are committed to the very highest standards of corporate governance – those systems and processes through which our organisation is managed, controlled and held accountable.

We comply fully with the principles and the spirit of the UK Corporate Governance Code, which sets out universal standards of good practice in relation to board leadership and effectiveness, remuneration, accountability and relations with shareholders. We report compliance on this in our annual report.

Good governance is not just the responsibility of our board and executive team. As a board, we aspire to apply the highest standards of governance to our conduct around the board table and we strive to ensure that these standards are applied by the executive team and cascaded throughout the group. In support of this, we have in place externally accredited management systems governing quality, environment and health and safety to ensure consistently high standards.

Our disclosure or ‘Whistle Blowing’ policy, encourages our employees or contractors to raise concerns about any possible wrongdoing, including potential breaches of our business principles, by reporting these either to their line manager, or in confidence to the Company Secretary or the HR Director. The policy is made available to employees through our intranet.

Occasionally, employees may feel uncomfortable about raising concerns in this way, so we have also provided a confidential whistle blowing line, which can be used by anyone on an anonymous basis.

Over the past year we have been monitoring the considerable change in the areas of governance and narrative reporting and we have aimed to adopt a more transparent approach in our annual report. We will continue to monitor developments in this field.


We have procedures and policies in place to ensure we act in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Supply chain standards

We have a strong commitment to high ethical standards within our approach to managing suppliers.

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