Reducing our emissions

The main components of our short term strategy to mitigate climate change and reduce carbon emissions are;

  • Optimising the operation of our assets to reduce energy use, including energy efficiency measures;
  • Generating more of our energy needs from renewable sources - increasing generation from sludge and other sources, but only where it is cost effective to do so; and 
  • Increasing employee awareness such as changing behaviours through training

Our long term, 25 year strategy includes;

  • Ensuring enhancements are evidence based – working with our regulators to ensure that new energy intensive assets are only installed where the need is robustly demonstrated
  • Researching new technologies

Energy efficiency measures are important but we recognise that there are limits to the extent they can contribute to any mitigation strategy – we need to deploy renewable technologies effectively to fill the gap.

We also recognise that our efforts to reduce energy use, no matter how successful, are set against the backdrop of unavoidable climate change. Improving the resilience of our operations is therefore essential.

We recognise that our mitigation efforts will only be successful if we work with others – any failure to engage our key stakeholders on the critical importance of reducing our emissions and adapting to climate change will undermine our own efforts.


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