Public health

Deliver servies that are essential to protect public health.

PublicHealthProviding clean water and removing wastewater from properties is our major contribution to the health and wellbeing of customers and the wider public in the North West of England.

We believe that the protection of the health of customers is a fundamental business obligation.

We work hard to make sure our processes and procedures take account of the latest developments in public health practice. 

Whilst public health incidents are preventable, sometimes things do go wrong and if they do we will react quickly, and always find out why in order to prevent a recurrence

Our in-house team provides professional and authoritative advice on issues which may affect our business. We maintain regular contact with public health officials across the North West and undertake practical exercises with them to test our emergency responses.

You can find out more about the drinking water quality where you live here.

Most customers don’t realise that as well as supplying their clean water and taking their wastewater away, we’re constantly analysing the quality of our product at our accredited laboratory . Through a constant process of sampling and testing, we make sure we conform to exacting regulatory standards, protect the environment, and keep our customers safe.

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