Our values

Expect our employees to live our values as part of their role.

To be the best UK water and wastewater company, providing great service to our customers, we've got to have the right values.

Customer focsCustomer focus

Put simply, everything that we do will be about our customers, not us.

  • Take time to listen to and understand what customers value and deliver to their expectations
  • Improve things for customers and make decisions based on what they want
  • Own problems for our customers through to resolution
  • Act as an ambassador for our customers – don’t leave it to others to spot and resolve issues
  • Look for better ways of working that will benefit the customer
  • Anticipate customers needs without waiting to be asked.







    This means we’ll make promises knowingly to our customers and then keep them.

    • Deliver work that you're proud of and that is fit for the purpose it was meant
    • Do what you say you're going to do. On-time, on plan and no surprises!
    • Get things right first time
    • Be accountable and don’t blame others
    • Take ownership for fixing things and see it through
    • Work with others for the good of the team and the business
    • Be an ambassador for the company and act responsibly to enhance our reputation
    • Don't take risks with your or others safety.




    We'll find new ways to make our services better, cheaper and faster for our customers...

    • Actively contribute new ideas
    • Embrace new and better ways of working
    • Look for ways to save the company money
    • Remain positive and do not give up
    • Learn from others so that we can improve things
    • Share with others so that they can improve things
    • Consider the impact of our decisions and actions in the longer term and not just short term.
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