Supporting the region

Support the North West's economy through our activities and investment.

The North West is not only home to our customers it’s also our home as a business. As the North West’s water and wastewater company, we are responsible for helping life flow smoothly for seven million domestic customers and 200,000 business customers.

Playing our part

We are custodians of some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes which are integral to the region’s tourist industry. And through our role as a major employer, training provider and wealth creator, we help to keep the North West’s economy turning. Between 2010 and 2015, our activities generated £7 billion for the region’s economy, plus 9,000 jobs.

The contribution of our investment to the North West economy is considerable and you can find out where we are investing here.

Helping the region grow

The number of households we supply is expected to grow from 3 million now to 3.6 million by 2040. To enable the region to develop to meet this growing population and to thrive as an economy we have a duty to developers, local authorities and highway authorities to check we can provide the required water and wastewater services. As a responsible business delivering these duties quickly, efficiently and professionally is paramount to enabling the region to grow sustainably.

Working together

By working in partnership we can utilise the skills and resources of all parties to address issues that we might not be able to tackle on our own. We believe that partnerships with organisations that have similar goals to ours, means that we can share our collective resources and get different perspectives on solving difficult issues. Sometimes working in partnership will enable us to attract more funding to tackle the issue that we alone could not access or commit – this is delivering in a more efficient way and will be of benefit to customers and the region.

We already have several partnerships delivering environmental and community benefits.

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