Natural environment

We own some of the country’s most beautiful countryside and are acutely aware of our duty to care for it.

Natural environment

Our land is the catchment for the raw water that we need to meet our statutory duties and license obligations to supply clean, raw water to our treatment works.

For us, the natural environment includes rivers and streams, lakes and seas, and the open countryside. This provides a habitat for wildlife, and the natural support systems human beings depend on.

We are a public authority, and have legal responsibilities to protect and enhance the natural environment. We have to comply with the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006.

In June 2011, the government published a white paper called The Natural Environment. This outlined their vision for the next 50 years, and we used it to develop a UU Natural Environment Strategy.

This commits us to:

  • aim to comply with all national and international natural environment legislation, either directly or through our contractors / partners
  • integrate the management of the natural environment into our everyday business activities
  • communicate, share and embed best practice across UU employees, partners and contractors where possible
  • work with partners and stakeholders to actively inform and influence future developments affecting the natural environment and United Utilities, based on sound evidence

During the course of our work, we come into close contact with a range of organisations and individuals involved in conservation, leisure or commercial activities. We are committed to working with all these groups to balance their needs and requirements, even when these do not always easily co-exist.

We are committed to protecting and enhancing habitats and wildlife across our operations to have an overall positive impact on the natural environment of the North West.

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