Employee performance

The table below details our employee measures and targets to 2020. It reports our performance and demonstrates progress against our Business Principle commitment to support our employees to achieve their full potential in a safe workplace.

For further explanation on the measures and targets used and to understand the verification process for our data, please click on the specific measure. 

Business Principle Commitment Measure Targets to 2020 2015/2016 Performance 
Provide safe, secure working conditions Accident frequency rate


Provide competitive rewards to attract and retain employees and recognise high achievement

Dow Jones Sustainability Index: Talent Attraction and Retention section

Industry best score


Invest in the learning and development of our employees YOS question: I believe I have the opportunity for personal development and growth in this organisation Achieve UK transitional norm score 60% 
Value diversity, providing equality of opportunity and recruiting and promoting on merit BITC 'race for opportunity' level Gold status Bronze status
Communicate openly and honestly with respect for our employees YOS question: I feel well informed about the performance of the organisation as a whole Achieve UK transitional norm score 59% 
Enable effective employee representation to be maintained Number of formal trade disputes Zero 1


Expect our employees to live our values as part of their role YOS question: I understand United Utilities' values (customer focus - integrity - innovation) Achieve UK transitional norm score 88% 


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