Customer service

Deliver customer service you can rely on and be easy to do business with.

Customer serviceWe believe customers deserve great service whenever they need to get in touch with us, and whatever the issue happens to be.

Customer satisfaction is one of our primary business drivers. It is constantly measured and analysed, with latest performance figures shared across the company every month.

Historically, we have not been among the top tier of water companies when it comes to customer satisfaction scores, but we are on an upward trajectory, thanks to a renewed focus on our customers, and a determination to provide a service comparable with any top high street brand.

Monthly surveys: we conduct customer surveys each month, to gauge how well we are performing. We ask customers to score us between 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). We also use these surveys to measure more specific issues, such as speed of resolution, knowledge and helpfulness of staff and ease of getting through to our call centre. For analysis purposes, we can also categorise this data according to service area (e.g. billing, water, wastewater etc.)

Our water regulator, Ofwat, also conducts its own quarterly surveys, under a scheme known as SIM (Service Incentive Mechanism). Water companies are rewarded, or penalised, according to their annual SIM scores.

Acting on feedback: we have a well-established governance framework which ensures that our monthly customer scores are shared throughout the business, analysed, interpreted and acted upon.

Key elements of this framework include a monthly customer experience board, chaired by our Head of Customer Experience; steering groups across the company and monthly forums attended by customer experience and operational managers.

Service innovation: by listening to our customers we are constantly seeking to improve the experience they have when they get in touch with us.

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