Community investment

Recognise the effect that our operations have upon the community and invest in programmes that support those affected.

Community InvestmentWe believe in going the extra mile for local communities, especially those neighbourhoods in which we are delivering long-running, disruptive engineering work.

Our support often sees us invest in local projects that improve quality of life and benefit the environment.

We are keen to properly understand the social impact that these schemes have, so that we can make informed future investment decisions.

Working with environmental charity Groundwork UK, a key delivery partner in our community investment programme, we have developed a slimmed down approach known as a Social Impact Assessment (SIA). A methodology that is practical, proportionate and cost effective.

The SIA method has proved valuable in helping us to define, more clearly, the social objectives for each project, and in providing additional insight into different potential approaches. It is now applied to all United Futures community investment projects delivered in support of our capital schemes.

We’re excited about the potential of this approach. It will help us take an even more robust approach to future community investment decisions, and allow us to demonstrate to our stakeholders, in more detail than ever before, how we are supporting local neighbourhoods, and contributing to the community.

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