Climate change

Consider the impacts of climate change on the services we deliver and adapt our business accordingly.

Climate change is the long-term change in average weather conditions, including temperature, precipitation and wind.

It is predicted that our climate will change dramatically and that a major factor in these changes is an increase in greenhouse gases (GHG’s). There is global scientific agreement that as a result of human activity the amount of GHG’s in the atmosphere is increasing and affecting the global climate.

We are aware of our contribution to carbon emissions and how climate change might impact upon our services. Our response to climate change can be split into two areas;

Mitigation- reducing the carbon emissions associated with our services

Adaptation- making sure our services are resilient to a changing climate

We are also aware that there are challenges and opportunities within our supply chain and in how we deliver our capital investment programme.

Supply Chain

We are reliant on a large chain of suppliers of varying sizes to support day to day operations and project delivery. We endeavour to influence our supply chain to support our carbon reduction aims in a number of ways, including through the goods and services we procure and project partners we select. Visit the Responsible supply chain section to find out how we have worked with our partners to understand and measure the emissions associated with their operations.

Capital Delivery Programme

A large part of our carbon emissions are associated with our capital delivery programme. As a result we are working closely with our Construction Delivery Partners and Engineering Service Provider to measure and reduce the whole life carbon impact of our capital delivery programme and ensure our programme delivers sustainable solutions preparing us for climate change and delivers them sustainably whilst mitigating any climate change.

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