Climate change has been the subject of strategic concern to us for over two decades. As a water and wastewater utility provider, we have first-hand experience of the impacts of extreme weather events upon our operations and our customers.

To ensure consistency in our climate change activities and ensure it is at the heart of everything that we do, we have made to ‘protect and enhance the environment’ one of our 5 promises within our business plan for 2015-2020.

This promise has a number of outcomes beneath it, one of which is ‘Our services and assets are fit for a changing climate and our carbon footprint is reduced'. We have a number of measures of success to demonstrate achievement of these outcomes. All of our projects and business activities will refer to these promises, outcomes and measures of success to ensure we are consistent with our overall strategy.

The flooding and drought events witnessed across our region in recent years are the forerunners to longer-term impacts of climate change. Our strategic risk planning to address such unavoidable impacts is mature, but we recognise the ongoing need to improve our understanding of climate risks. We have therefore adopted a 25-year planning horizon (to 2040) to ensure the resilience of our water resources (covered in more detail within our Water Resource Management Plan ) and to enable the sustainable future management of drainage systems. This is covered in more detail within .

We have recently published our second adaptation report which explains to government how we are preparing for a changing climate. Our report on climate change adaptation sets out how we intend to manage material risks associated with climate change and outlines our partnership-based approach. This builds on our first adaptation report, published in 2011. 

Our approach is consistent with our strategic direction, set out in playing our part in which describe our strategic vision for the whole business from 2015 to 2040. The aspirations set out in 'playing our part' are then used to direct our asset management process.

For a more detailed view on how we have incorporated climate change into our business strategy refer to our CDP response.

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