Behind the scenes of Customer Relations Support Assistant

Hello, my name is Eileen.  I'm a Customer Relations Support Assistant for the Customer Relations department Billing based at United Utilities' Lingley Mere site in Warrington.

Prior to working for United Utilities, I was a Civil Servant after leaving college, and then I left there to raise my two children for a number of years. I chose to start a career here because a friend already worked for the company and she recommended it as a good place to work.

My typical day consists of reviewing customer correspondence and raising jobs where action needs to be taken, for example, to send out a colleague to check a customer's meter.  If I spot that a customer's issue hasn't been resolved, I will make sure that the person who is dealing with it takes action to ensure it gets resolved.  I also check that incoming work has been routed correctly.  During the day, I also take calls from the Consumer Council for Water as well as from other internal departments.

My favourite part of the job is working as part of a team with great colleagues.  I also like the variety that each day brings.

I find meeting the targets and deadlines set by our regulator, OFWAT, and ensuring that nothing fails the most challenging part of my job.  To assist with this, I make sure that everything is logged correctly with all the correct details.  I also make sure that work is assigned to my colleagues for resolution on a timely basis.

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