Draft Water Resources Management Plan

We’re currently updating our long term strategies which will shape the North West’s water and wastewater service for the next 25 years. Water resources management plan

Earlier this year, we published our draft Water Resources Management Plan and we asked for comments during the consultation period (14 May-6 August 2013). The plan sets out our investment needed to ensure that we have sufficient water to continue supplying our customers over the 25 years from 2015 to 2040. For example, in the future we may experience more severe droughts due to changing rainfall patterns and we may need to take less water to help improve the flow in some of our rivers for the benefit of fish and other species that live there. This long term view is updated every five years after consultation. Please see our current plan, which is reviewed annually and was last published in 2009.

Details of our revised draft WRMP and our 2013 consultation documents can be found below.

West Cumbria water supply project

Following consultation for our draft WRMP during summer 2013, we identified Thirlmere as our preferred alternative source of water for West Cumbria. We’re proposing to invest in the construction of a pipeline to transport water from Thirlmere to West Cumbria.

There are three pipeline route options all requiring a new water treatment works, with pumping stations and underground reservoirs. Before we submit our planning application we’re consulting with you, the local community and interested parties on our proposals. You can find more detail about the project and have your say here

In relation to the water resource plans for West Cumbria detailed in the draft Water Resource Management Plan, further information on the examination in public can be found here.

Our revised draft Water Resources Management Plan 2013

We have published our Statement of Response to the consultation on our draft plan, and prepared a revised draft WRMP. The Statement of Response describes the responses received during the consultation period and explains how we have taken them into account in revising our draft plan. We have also updated our Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment. These documents can be found here:

We are grateful to those organisations and individuals that expressed their views about what they liked about our draft plan and what we can do to improve it.

We have submitted these documents to Defra.The plan is now subject to an examination in public, details of which can be found here.

Our draft Water Resources Management Plan 2013 consultation documents

Our draft plan was available for public consultation from 14 May 2013 to 6 August 2013.

The documents outlining our draft plan can still be found, below.

Additional notes on our plan

  • No information in our Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2013 has been excluded on the grounds of national security
  • As part of the process, we have been engaging with other water companies across the country to see if trading water between companies could go some way in solving deficits identified as part of the planning process. We have not selected any exports from our region in the plan, however we have reviewed a number of potential options and carried out a strategic environmental assessment of each of the options. We are not seeking views formally on this document, however we would really like to hear from you about these options and the report. You can send your comments direct to the Water Resources Team
  • Data tables are available on request
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