Our priorities for the next 25 years


The water industry is an extremely dynamic sector, both influencing and affected by a wide range of issues, from the health of the environment, to the health of the economy.

In order to maintain a reliable, high quality water service for our customers in the future, we have to look to the far horizon and anticipate those changes and core issues that are likely to impact on our activities.


In the next 25 years, we will face many challenges and opportunities: climate change and its implications for water resources and flooding; the emergent of a more open competitive UK water market; more rigorous environmental legislation and the ever present need to combine affordable bills with a modern, responsive water and wastewater service.

In a series of documents we set out our strategy for the next quarter century, examining the challenges ahead, and explaining how we will focus our resources and talents in order to meet them. The content has been shaped by consultation with thousands of customers and stakeholders, including our Customer Challenge Group, to make sure what they expect of us in future is reflected in our plans.

This 25-year view for our business will provide a roadmap to help guide each of our successive five-year business plans, ensuring our investment decisions are rooted in sound, consistent principles which best serve our customers and the region as a whole.

Playing our part

As the North West’s water and wastewater company, we are responsible for helping life flow smoothly for seven million domestic customers and 200,000 business customers.

We are custodians of some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes which are integral to the region’s tourist industry. And through our role as a major employer, training provider and wealth creator, we help to keep the North West’s economy turning.

With such an influential role to play, our future decisions can have profound implications for the prosperity of the region. Planning for the long term can never be a precise science, but we can anticipate some of the major opportunities and challenges facing our industry with a good degree of confidence