Final business plan 2010-2015

A five-year action strategy

You’ll find our five-year investment strategy for 2010-2015 in our Final Business plan submission, (Price Review 2009 - PR09) – and the plan, as submitted to Ofwat, is available here. The information it contains will help you to understand how our plan was put together and how we intend to achieve the performance levels expected of us. The public domain version of our plan is exactly the same as the version submitted to Ofwat as part of the overall price review process (apart from where material has been removed).

You might be interested to know that our plan was challenged by Ofwat. This resulted in the Ofwat Final Determination, which was published on the 26th November 2009. This document set our price limits for the years 2010 to 2015 and in several instances this resulted in changes to the targets and scope detailed in the plan.

In making our plan documentation available we have removed information that is commercially sensitive or which relates to matters of national security from the body of the documents. We have done this in line with Ofwat's guidance against the categories detailed and the explanations in this document have been provided to enable stakeholders to understand why material has been excised. 

Excision Categories
Excisions of information from the full version for the public domain version fall into the following categories:
Category 1: Price sensitive
The publication of the excised information by reference to or in conjunction with other sensitive material could have an effect on share prices.
Category 2: Commercially confidential
The excised information could assist contractors or potential contractors in tendering at or near full budgeted cost.
Category 3: Commercially confidential
The organisation(s) concerned has/have not given consent for this information to be put into the public domain.
Category 4: Commercially confidential
The excised information could give competitors, potential competitors or third parties a commercial advantage.
Category 5: Relates to national security
The excised information could increase the risk to the security of the nation or to individuals.

The documents we have made available are detailed in summary below, each of these documents contains the number/s relating to the categories in the Excision Categories table above where information has been excised.

Part A
Executive Summary of United Utilities Water Final Business Plan submission to Ofwat for the period 2010 to 2015.

Part B
Detailed content chapters for United Utilities Water principal services of Quality Enhancements, Maintenance, Enhanced Levels of Service, Supply and Demand, and associated Finances.

Part C
Supporting chapters to Part B.

Reporter Commentaries
Commentaries associated with the Final Business Plan from Halcrow Management Services Ltd, the Reporter.
The Reporter’s role is to provide independent opinion to Ofwat on the Company’s submission by checking compliance with regulatory requirements and advising Ofwat of material discrepancies. Ofwat approves Reporter appointments and regulates their activities through an agreed protocol.

Document Excisions
Detailed statement of document content and references to excisions made. The reference numbers for why we have excised information in the documents relate to the categories in the Excision Categories table.

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