Hints and tips

We've put together some hints and tips for you to bear in mind when you're completing the on-line process...

Completing your on-line application

• You don't have to complete your application in one go. You can save it as a draft at any stage in the process and come back and complete it at a later date.
• Our system will automatically populate certain fields from the information you upload. Please make sure that you check each screen in the application process.
• Make sure you complete all the sections in the on-line application process.
• There are some questions that will require you to provide a long answer. You can draft your answer in word and then paste it into the application form or upload the document as an attachment, remembering to put the job reference number in the subject line.

Deadline dates

You need to make sure that you have fully completed your application and submitted it to us by the closing date. We cannot accept any late applications. When you submit your application you will receive an email confirming we have received it.

What should I include in my covering letter?


Ensure that you:

• Keep to one side of A4
• Make sure the layout is clear and uncluttered - it will be easier to read
• Make sure your contact details are prominent. In addition to your address, include telephone and e-mail details
• Write concisely

Your cover letter should also:

• Include the title of the vacancy.
• Include the reason for your application
• Your key skills and strengths in relation to that particular role in no more than 2 or 3 bullet points
What should I include in my CV?
A CV is a short list of facts about you, your education, work history, hobbies and interests.
Although there is no magic formula to create a winning CV, there are some set rules that all CVs should follow:
• It must be accurate
• Logical
• Easy to read
• Shouldn't use elaborate style fonts

Key headings should be clear and include:

Contact details First name and surname, email, address, telephone number
Personal profile Introductory statement that sells your key skills
Employment List employers, dates, job titles and responsibilities
Qualifications Particularly those relevant to the job
Education A brief summary
Training Show how you have used your training
Hobbies and Interests Brief description

Headings not to include:

• Weight and height
• Names and ages of family members
• References - can be given later when requested
• Photographs are not essential either

Ensure that your CV doesn't include these common mistakes:

• Not pitched at the job / company or sector to whom you are applying
• Too long or too sparse
• Poorly typed or written including incorrect spelling and poor grammar
• Uses abbreviations or jargon

And finally

• Always check your spelling. Never rely on your own proof-reading capabilities - perhaps ask a friend or family member to cast an eye over your application.

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