Water control room in Cheshire helps Cumbria Fire Service tackle huge Barrow blaze

By Sean Robinson

Water crews called by Cumbrian firefighters to support tackle a major blaze in Barrow.

United Utilities' new North West emergency response centre was place on standby by Cumbria Fire and Rescue late Wednesday evening, as they fought a huge blaze in Barrow town centre.

At around 8:30pm the alarm was raised that twelve fire engines were responding to Abbey Road.

(Credit: Barrow Police)

Reports on social media claimed the fire started in the House of Lords pub, which connected to Bar Continental in Abbey Road.

Nearby homes had to be evacuated by local cops.

(Credit: @ChrisBethell)

The multi-million pound hi-tech integrated control room in Warrington-Cheshire remotely monitored water pressure across Barrow whilst a local engineer ensured firefights had enough water pressure to bring the blaze under control.

Local resident Kenny McGuckin, from Collingwood Street told the North West Mail: "I saw a post on Facebook and my partner heard the sirens so we rushed out the front to see what had happened.

"I don't think there would have been many people in the pub if it was open but you just don't know.

"I feel sorry for the firefighters - they will have to be there all night trying to put that out."

(Credit: @Barrowpolice)

Cumbria Fire and Rescue posted on their website: “When they [Fire Service] arrived crews confirmed that there was a significant fire in a building believed to be Bar Continental. Hose reel and main water jets are being used to tackle the fire.

“Eight fire engines and an Aerial Platform was brought to the scene to deal with the blaze.”

This morning the fire service said crews continued to battle the fire overnight and it is now under control with crews just damping down the area and checking for hotspots.

Two fire engines remain at the scene this morning.

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