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We have commissioned Corporate Citizenship to provide external assurance and a commentary on our corporate responsibility pages. The material on these pages is updated throughout the year and Corporate Citizenship is providing assurance on an ongoing basis.

This assurance provides the reader with an independent, external assessment of our corporate responsibility pages and, in particular, with how they correspond with the AA1000 standard. It is intended for the general reader and for more specialist audiences who have a professional interest in our corporate responsibility performance.

We have chosen to use the AA1000 assurance standard AA1000AS (2008). The Corporate Citizenship assurance is Type 1 as defined by the standard, in that it evaluates the nature and extent of adherence to the AA1000AS principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness, and assures the behaviour of our organisation as reported on this website.

The current Corporate Citizenship assurance statement covers the material posted up to 23 August 2016 and methodology details appear at the end of the report.

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