I've left UU but not taken my pension yet

When can I take my pension?

Under current Scheme and HMRC rules, you have two options:

  • leave your pension until your Normal Retirement Age, or
  • take your pension early (any time from age 55). If you take it earlier, and you are a DB member the benefits may be reduced because it will be paid over a longer period.

Can I transfer my pension into a new employer's scheme?

Yes, you can transfer your pension benefits to another pension arrangement, such as your new employer's pension scheme, a personal pension or a stakeholder pension .

For a current transfer value quotation, please contact the Scheme Administrator – you can ask for a transfer value once each year. You may wish to take specialist independent financial advice before you transfer– if you don’t already use one, you might want to find a local IFA through http://www.unbiased.co.uk/

I have a pension, how can I find out more?

Simply contact the Scheme Administrators who will be happy to provide you with details of your pension benefits held in the Scheme.

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