Warrington to provide a sparkle for Diamond Jubilee

A beacon will be lit in Warrington on Bank Holiday Monday to help create a chain of light across Britain to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The beacon at High Warren Service Reservoir, near to Warrington Golf Club on London Road, will be visible for miles around.

It will be lit at 10.15pm on June 4 – the same time as thousands of others nationwide – and accompanied by a ten-minute firework display.

The Queen will then light the National Beacon in London at approximately 10.30pm. This will be the last beacon in the UK chain.

Parish Councils of Appleton, Stockton Heath and Walton approached Great Sankey-based United Utilities to try to identify a prime spot for the beacon earlier in the year.

Walton Parish Councillor Cllr Bob Hardie said: “The Queen’s Silver Jubilee was celebrated with a bonfire at Appleton Reservoir and we wanted to do something similar to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

“United Utilities suggested High Warren Reservoir this time, as people will be able to see the beacon better. It’s a fantastic spot up there, you can see right across the Cheshire plains and even to North Wales on a clear day so hopefully people from miles around will be able to see the beacon and the fireworks display.”

While there will be no public access to the reservoir site, the beacon and the display – co-ordinated by Runcorn-based fireworks experts Highlight Pyrotechnics – are designed to be viewed from a distance.

A beacon will also be lit on United Utilities land at Rivington Pike in Chorley.

United Utilities asset manager Neil Hancox said: “We’ve been delighted to help out for what is a significant event for both Queen and country. It will be a fantastic spectacle and we hope residents go out on the streets and into their back gardens to witness it as it is meant to be viewed - from a distance.

“In the history of this country, the only other Monarch to achieve a reign of 60 years was Queen Victoria. Occasions like this don’t come around very often and we’re delighted to play a part.”

Cllr Hardie added: “We’ve been very pleased with United Utilities' help and co-operation in helping to get this event organised and we're really looking forward to it.”

Councillor Taylor, Chair of Stockton Heath Parish Council said: "United Utilities have been brilliant in helping us, and they have taken all the hassle out of mounting such an event. Without them I doubt this would have gone ahead.”

For more information on the beacons across the country go to: http://www.diamond-jubilee-beacons.buzzsites.co.uk/

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